Recipes and Tips

Chilaquiles with Chef Bryan

Watch Chef Bryan, the Salsa Queen, and UTFoodie (Cindy England) make the most amazing Chilaquiles ever!



Party Treats

Check out Salsa Queen with Fresh Living showing some great party treats, perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any event!


Tasty Mexican Lasagna

Watch how Salsa Queen transforms ordinary lasagna into an amazing Mexican lasagna.  Even better,  you don't need to cook the noodles in advance!  Filmed during a cooking class at Harmons.

Corned Beef with a Twist

See how to turn a boring corned beef into something unique and amazing.  Watch Salsa Queen use the Red Chili salsa to transform St. Patrick's Day into San Patrick's!


Amazing Red Enchiladas

Watch Salsa Queen as she makes amazing, fast, and tasty Red Enchiladas.  Added bonuses include making incredible guac plus how to prepare the perfect corn tortillas!  Filmed live at a Home Expo event so enjoy the experience!